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VUCC is sponsoring our Festival!

November 1, 2018

Veterinary Urgent Care Center (VUCC), an after-hours, walk-in clinic for pets located in Quincy, MA, is making a huge difference in the lives of low-income pet owners and their pets. The vet clinic became a Silver Sponsor for the upcoming Phinney’s Holiday Festival, on November 11, taking us a step closer to our yearly fundraising goal.

“With the support of VUCC, Phinney’s will be able to pay for annual vet visits and tests for 10 to 20 pets of low-income pet owners that we help on a regular basis,” says Daniela Caride, President of Phinney’s Friends.

“These are people who lost their income because they are chronically ill, and therefore became at risk of losing their beloved pets, who are the ones who are always there for them, keeping them company and giving them love,” adds Daniela.

Christie D’Andrea, DVM, who founded VUCC and opened the clinic in February of 2017, says that it’s so important to be connected with the needs of the community and be part of the solution, by helping out in any way possible.

“As a veterinarian, I have witnessed first-hand how heartbreaking it can be for a dedicated pet parent when the person doesn’t have enough money to help their best friend,” says Christie.

“It is a pleasure to be able to help an organization like Phinney’s, which is helping pay for vet visits, distribute pet food, and making every effort to keep pet parents and their animals together.”

Thank you, VUCC, for your support!


Fall Letter From our President

October 27, 2018
IMG-3704Hello everyone,
I am so excited about our upcoming Holiday Festival on November 11, at the Pierce House, in Lincoln! We will be toasty in the tent this time because we rented heaters, and that means we’ll have more room for arts & crafts, kids’ activities, and for our annual tree of life, which helps financially support all of our pets and their parents in need throughout 2019.
Also, we will carry a special batch of Thanksgiving baskets and ‘Lucky Turkey’ mugs full of chocolate. Speaking of delicious food, we’ll be offering plenty of baked goods made at the homes of our dedicated volunteers — one of them, Alyssa, about whom you can read a story below, is a professional baker and will offer a myriad of colorful sweets for you to enjoy at the mansion or to take home.
We have two more big-time surprises for you: First, a room in the mansion will be filled with lit-up Department 56 North Pole houses, all on sale for half price. The soundtrack? Live jazz music played by the Lincoln Traditional Jazz Band, and Celtic songs played by harpist Jaimee Joroff. Second, we’ll have a spinning wheel in the tent, ready to test your good fortune (and ours!), with background Holiday songs played by a professional DJ.
I can’t wait to see you all there and celebrate the Holidays with you. Please come say hi and support our wonderful cause. I’ll be waiting for you, beaming, with such exciting activities and among the best people.
Daniela Caride
Phinney’s Friends President

Volunteer Spotlight: Alyssa Cohen

October 27, 2018
Dogs won’t be the only creatures salivating at Phinney’s upcoming Paws for the Holidays Festival on Nov. 11th at Pierce House in Lincoln. Alyssa Cohen – a professional confectioner and a Phinney’s volunteer since July – will make sure of that.

As the former owner of North Andover’s Dottie’s Delights—an artisan sweet shop named after Alyssa’s grandmother (check out their amazingly delicious-looking sweets on Instagram!), Alyssa knows a thing or two about creating the perfect holiday treat. Her table at the Festival will be bursting with homemade caramel applies, cupcakes, cookies, and chocolate-covered pretzels and Oreos…and we can’t wait for you to try them! Alyssa’s contributions to the Festival don’t end with her delightful confections, however.She also created an eye-catching, incredibly fun prize wheel to secure donations that will be a new feature at the event (see the picture above).  Test your luck by spinning the wheel, winning prizes, and—best of all—supporting the wonderful work of Phinney’s! You’ll also see brand new “Sponsor a Pet” boards at the Festival courtesy of Alyssa, and we were thrilled to have her come out and spread the word for Phinney’s at Woofstock last month.

When she’s not volunteering for Phinney’s, her primary professional pursuit is becoming a mobile notary public. She’s also an avid succulent collector and gardener and a loving mom to two cats, Monkey and Kitsune (Japanese for “spirit fox” since she looks like a fluffy fox!).

Phinney’s was lucky enough to find Alyssa through our regular volunteer job postings on Craig’s List. “I saw the posting and did some research on Phinney’s and couldn’t think of a more perfect synthesis for helping people and helping animals,” says Alyssa. “Phinney’s makes sure there’s more love in the world.”

We are so grateful to Alyssa for all her hard work—and for helping us spread that love!

Save the date! Holiday Festival – November 11!

October 13, 2018

Get ready for the third year of fun, celebrating the Holidays for a cause!

We will have live music, baked goods, Santa pictures for the whole family, including your dogs, beautiful Thanksgiving baskets and Holiday shopping!

All that in a beautiful historic mansion – The Pierce House – in Lincoln, Massachusetts.

Come celebrate the Holidays with Phinney’s!

Dog Friendly Fall Fun

October 8, 2018

20180924_112015.jpgCrisp morning air, rust colored leaves underfoot…autumn is officially here and it’s full of fun activities for dog lovers! From baking to costume parades, below is a sample of ideas to help inspire you and your four legged friends this season!

Apple Picking

The aroma of freshly baked pie might be one of the best ways to kick start the season. Though rare, it is possible to find dog friendly pick your own fruit farms in the New England area. Nashoba Valley Winery in Bolton, Ma is a good example. Nashoba welcomes well behaved leashed dogs in their scenic orchard and picnic area. As if that’s not enough, dog moms/dads can also enjoy some handcrafted wine samples. This venue is well worth the 45 minute drive from Boston!

Bake Doggie Treats

Now what to do with all those apples? A quick google or Pinterest search will give you plenty of recipe ideas. As you might expect homemade dog treat recipes are plentiful this time of year. They often don’t require more than a handful of ingredients, many of which can be found in any kitchen. This recipe found at , is a favorite in our household. It’s easy to prepare and consistently passes the taste test with my picky pup. Shape your treats into bones, dog paws or even maple leaves. These treats can be bagged up and make excellent gifts as well!

Take a Hike

The mild temperatures and beautiful foliage make this season optimal for hiking adventures. It’s no longer so hot you’ll worry about your furbaby overheating but is still warm enough to skip the extra layers yourself.  Happily, in the Boston area we can find so many great places to explore. Just 20 minutes outside Boston, the Blue Hills Reservation of Milton offers trails for every skill level. Pack some of those homemade snacks for your hiking companion and make a day of it. The Middlesex Fells Reservation is another great spot with trails starting in several towns including Medford and Stoneham. In addition to the cute pup photo ops at Wright’s tower and the Panther Cave, The Sheepfold area of the Fells includes an off leash dog park. For a much lighter hike, Cat Rock Park found in Weston is a unique off leash Dog Park with mostly level trails leading to a pond. Dogs of all sizes are sure to get a good workout chasing, fetching and swimming the day away!

Make It a Beach Day

Beaches are closed for the season and that means it is open season for canines at many Massachusetts beaches. Watching dogs chase waves and dig in the sand can provide much comic relief. Plus that sea air is so good for everyone! On September 15th, Castle Island in Boston entered off season and north of Boston, Crane Beach of Ipswich will welcome dogs on October 1st. Just be sure to check out the beach websites before heading over as there may be restrictions in certain areas.

Halloween Festivities

Does your dog love dressing up for Halloween? Maybe not but that’s no reason to miss the Annual Halloween Pet Parade held at Faneuil Hall in Boston on October 27th! You can register ahead of time at Eventbrite if you wish to have your pet considered for the costume contest. Of course for the true Halloween enthusiasts, no fall season is complete without a trip to Salem. Among the lengthy list of Salem’s October activities is the Howl-O-Ween Pet Parade on October 13th. Check out for more details. Both parades include various prizes and additional dog friendly activities. 


Have a fun and safe season!

Buddy Dog’s Woofstock Festival: A Quick Recap!

October 8, 2018

Phinney’s Friends raised $926 dollars at Buddy Dog’s Woofstock festival held on Sept. 22, 2018, in Hudson, MA. That was our best Woofstock day ever! This year, our tent offered brand-new pet items such as leashes, collars and jackets as well as holiday outfits and new toys at a discount.

Our volunteers enthusiastically helped people sort through bins and try items on their dogs – a true team effort.  Our new volunteer Alyssa Cohen attracted donations with her colorful spinning wheel, giving out pet treats, candy and cookie prizes, and talking about Phinney’s all day.

“I’m so grateful to have found such a wonderful group to volunteer with and to be meeting such fantastic people in the process,” said Alyssa. “So glad it was a successful event, and I am looking forward to the next one. Thank you so much, everyone, for such a great experience!”

“There is always a lot of work to do for this event,” added Phinney’s Vice-president Judy Bell. “I’m so very grateful that I had everyone’s support as I certainly couldn’t have done it myself. Our faithful volunteers deserve an award!”

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Oh, Ethel!

September 24, 2018

unnamedEthel joined Weldon’s cat family of Lucy and Ricky 10 years ago, at just 2 months old. It was clear this Calico was the new star of this sitcom. While Ricky warmed up to Ethel’s antics, Lucy couldn’t be bothered. Ethel and Ricky’s friendship can best be depicted by the piggyback rides Ricky would grant Ethel. Ricky and Lucy have since passed away, and now Ethel rules the entire house.

Her strong personality and quirks are entirely her own. Ethel was a present during the holidays, so wrapping paper quickly became a household staple, and a vessel for her catnip.

Weldon understands Ethel’s demands clearly. Each morning she requires:

  • 30 minutes of focused cuddles,

  • 3 cookies while his tea is made,

  • 1 fingertip of wet food with her asthma and allergy medicine,

  • and 7 crackers while she watches the birds from the window sill.

The day finishes with another 30 minutes of dedicated snuggle time before Weldon turns out the lights.

Ethel reciprocates with great affection and often listens when told her limits in the yard. However, she will let you know if she’s unhappy, and give you “the eye.”

Since 2011, Phinney’s Friends has been supporting Ethel and Weldon’s strong bond, providing cat food and veterinary care. Perhaps there’s a Fred in their future?

Ethel-01 FB copy.jpgEthel-07 FB copy.jpg