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Brian and his Kitties

September 3, 2019

Linus website small (1)by Kimberly Hobart

Brian’s home is not complete without a cat or two. Linus, an eight-year old white cat, has been with Brian since he was a kitten.

For many years, Phinney’s Friends has been supporting not only Linus, but many of Brian’s other kitty friends. Thanks to our help, Brian can make sure his cats go to the vet regularly and receive the care they need to stay healthy. We also stepped in to help when emergencies struck.

Cammy, a spotted black and white 10-week old kitten, is the newest addition to Brian’s family. Sensing Brian and Linus were ready for another companion, a downstairs neighbor offered the little fluffball. Cammy keeps the shy Linus on his toes, says Brian, and in turn, Linus is teaching the youngster when it’s time to take a rest! We are sure they will be very happy together.

Before Cammy joined the family, Brian had Sandra Deen, a fluffy orange and white striped kitty who lived with Brian her whole life. She passed away at age 12 in December of 2018.

Brian’s story is a sweet reminder that through comfort, monetary support, or some other act of generosity, we all find ways to look out for each other. In turn, we are able to pass that care along to the pets, whether solid, spotted, or striped, who pattern our lives with beauty.

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