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Phinney’s Friends Receives PAALS, Inc. Biko’s Gift

May 21, 2019

Phinney’s Friends has been selected as the first-ever recipient of the Biko’s Gift!  PAALS, Inc. bestows this special gift twice a year on an animal welfare organization of their choice.

Phinney’s received $2,500 to cover ten vet visits for beloved pets of deserving low-income Massachusetts residents. The gift includes blood work and preventative medication to screen for and treat diseases before they progress.

“Congratulations! All of us at PAALS, Inc. are thrilled for you, and we hope that this grant will help you continue the incredible work you are doing for animal welfare,” said John Coco, Research & Org Liaison Coordinator at PAALS, Inc.

Phinney’s is so grateful to PAALS, Inc. for supporting not only our cause, but also the causes of many other wonderful animal nonprofits. “We can only do this work together as a group,” said Daniela Caride, president of Phinney’s Friends.

“It’s hard work to fund nonprofits, and it requires an expertise that it’s generally hard to find,” Daniela added. “PAALS brings extra energy into organizations focusing on saving pets, and we all need help to fundraise.”

Watch the official announcement of Phinney’s gift here!




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