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Movie, Popcorn & Inspiration

May 15, 2019

The afternoon of March 24th turned out to be a crispy but sunny weekend day, perfect for biking, hiking or simply window shopping with friends. Nonetheless, some 40 animal lovers headed into the cozy corners of a charming small-town theater in Clinton to watch a documentary about a dog shelter down South.

Maureen Harmonay of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Bolton had scheduled a screening of “Life in the Doghouse” at the Strand Theater in Clinton, MA, as a gift to Phinney’s Friends and to the community.

Many of Phinney’s volunteers showed up to support our cause and to enjoy a nice movie with fellow dog lovers. The theater had a delicious menu that ranged from popcorn and pizza to breaded mushrooms and more elaborate dishes. Even our permanent foster Puddles the dog showed up and made sure to melt as many hearts as possible at the theater lobby, under the shimmer of a magnificent crystal chandelier.

“It’s a bittersweet movie,” remembered Daniela Caride, president of Phinney’s Friends, who identified with the compulsion to help animals in need that rescuers described on screen. “It is so sad to see all those dogs in need of good homes. But it’s also reassuring to witness the rescuers Danny and Ron working so hard to save as many lives as possible down South.”

“We are both small nonprofits trying to do good,” added Daniela. “We sure get quite daunted sometimes by the enormity of the crisis at overcrowded animal shelters. But if we bunch together all the wonderful animal nonprofits out there, working to keep pets safe and happy, we certainly make a huge difference.”

Phinney’s is so grateful to Maureen for organizing the movie day, to all the pet lovers who came, and to the people who donated during the movie screening.

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