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Buddy and Paul – Two Peas in a Pod

May 15, 2019

Phinney’s Friends – Godparents Program

Buddy and Paul – Two Peas in a Pod


Paul Aufiero has been with Phinney’s Friends since 2005 and has never looked back. Paul first heard of Phinney’s from a friend, Jack, who was a Phinney’s client because of his two kitties. Paul used to help Jack purchase food and transport his cats to vet visits, and the financial help from Phinney’s made things quite easier. Years later, when Paul got a cat, we began helping him too, with food and litter. Later, when a spot opened, Paul became eligible for vet visits and more care, like Jack.

Upon meeting Buddy 8 years ago, Paul knew he would never part with his cat. Buddy has a certain energy that Paul was drawn to from the outset. To this day, Paul notes that Buddy has not slowed down one bit. Buddy’s energy is demonstrated through his personality, which includes jump around the house — something Paul thoroughly enjoys watching. Considering Buddy’s estimated seven to eight years of age and the so many years of ongoing friendship, it’s safe to say that Buddy’s playful nature is simply a part of his charm.

Since Buddy came into his life, Paul, too, has suffered an injury that has kept him from being able to work. However, when the injury occurred, he knew that all hope was not lost to justly provide Buddy with what was needed to keep him happy and healthy because he could turn to Phinney’s for help. Paul’s neighbor, Linda, has also taken a shine to Buddy and looks after him when Paul has a doctor’s appointment. As anyone can see, Buddy is a happy ball of fur and offers Paul a support system and kinship. In Paul’s words, Buddy makes him who he is.

Phinney’s Friends has provided Buddy with nutritious feline cuisine options on a monthly basis for over five years! To our delight, despite Buddy’s track record of being a “picky eater,” Paul noted that Phinney’s selections of cat food, Fancy Feast and Friskies, are Buddy’s all-time favorites and always result in an empty dish. Phinney’s is proud to foster relationships such as these. We want everyone to not only find but also to keep their own Buddy, and the peace this bonded pair radiates reflects Phinney’s Friends’ happiness in continuing the Godparent’s program.

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