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From Macy the Biter to Macy the Charmer

April 19, 2019

Life wasn’t always easy for Macy before Phinney’s collected him from an animal shelter in the Boston area.

Five years ago, Macy’s mom contacted Phinney’s because she was homeless, and her cat, Macy, had been boarded at a shelter for six months, within the confinements of a wire crate. Her cat needed a friendly place to stay while she looked for housing.

“He was a mess when they got him out,” said Elizabeth, Macy’s permanent foster mom (Phinney’s fosters forever the pets in the program who are unadoptable). “He had little contact with people and no social life,” remembered Daniela Caride, president of Phinney’s.

After placing Macy at a temporary foster home for a few weeks, Phinney’s asked Elizabeth if she would take him in. At the time, Macy was quite the mystery — no one knew much about his background, personality and needs. Elizabeth had no idea what to expect.

At first, having Macy was tough.

“He had issues — he had forgotten how to be affectionate, he never ate, and he bit. Huge huge bites,” Elizabeth remembers.

Elizabeth made a breakthrough by employing patience and compassion. Now she refers to Macy as “quite the charmer.”

“He learned really quickly. He’s very affectionate now, rubbing on everyone who comes in to visit,” she added.

Macy feels deeply bonded to Elizabeth. When she returned home after being hospitalized, he made sure to give her the stink eye, “like ‘how dare you leave me!’” Elizabeth said.

Macy’s cherished daily routine includes his favorite pastimes of watching TV and peering out the window. He and Elizabeth also spend a lot of quality time playing.

“His favorite toy is that inexpensive dancing one, that dancing cat. We play for at least 45 minutes every single night. He plays with the toy with me, then he gets brushed, and when the lights go out, he goes to sleep,” Elizabeth says.

Now one of Macy’s greater charms is his demeanor, as he has relaxed and learned that he can count on love.

Elizabeth has changed Macy’s life, and Macy has made her so happy in return. Like most older pets, he is so grateful for his loving home and sense of security..

“I highly recommend people not be hesitant to take in older animals,” Elizabeth added. “He brings joy into my life. Particularly as one gets older and you have fewer responsibilities, it’s wonderful to have one or more other creatures.”  


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