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Love for Phinney’s – no matter where

March 22, 2019

Jan Johnson

Jan Johnson, who has been Phinney’s Friends Treasurer for six years, used to come
to Lincoln every Monday to meet with Daniela, our President, to advance the
financial and administrative areas of the nonprofit.

“We had a lot of fun working together and became fast friends, both us and our
dogs,” reminisces Daniela. “I still remember the day we were walking our dogs after
a day’s work and Jan told me she would eventually retire to South Carolina. My heart

The two friends continued to walk their dogs together even when Jan Johnson
changed jobs and could no longer come on Mondays for Phinney’s work. “The
Finance team grew and we began meeting at my house every month. Daniela’s dogs
were always invited, and everyone had a great time,” remembers Jan.

Last year, Jan finally decided to start her new life at beautiful Hilton Head Island,
and the entire Board was already missing her and thinking that a replacement for
her would be very hard to come by.

Fortunately, our sadness didn’t last long. Jan asked the Board if she could continue
as our Treasurer, even moving down South.

“I love Phinney’s, and as a C.P.A. I felt I could still help from afar, even though some
things I wouldn’t be able to do anymore, such as deposit checks,” adds Jan.

Adapting was not a problem. We shuffled some things around so she could continue
to be part of Phinney’s. Everyone was so happy, and we stayed in touch via email,
text, phone and monthly conference calls.

“I miss my friend a lot, but knowing we are still in touch and still share issues about
Phinney’s makes me very happy because we have more opportunities to get in
touch,” says Daniela.

“We are all very excited about her move, and Hilton Head is such a beautiful place,”
Daniela adds. “And we feel so special that she still felt a strong connection with
Phinney’s mission. The Board is so grateful for all that she did and does for our

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