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President’s Letter

February 14, 2019


Hello everyone,

Hope you are enjoying winter outside with your dogs, snuggling by the fire with your cats, and enjoying all your pets from the warmth of your home.

After a very successful holiday festival, which brought $15,000 in revenue to help people and pets in need, we are gearing up for more. We celebrate our victories but do not rest! 2019 is here for us to conquer. :)

We have recently welcomed Alyssa Cohen to the Board of Directors to spruce up our fundraisings. And if you saw the Food Room at the festival, you know what she is capable of. Wasn’t it beautifully decorated? And she brought many colorful treats to add to the delicious sweets our volunteers baked and brought.

While we are developing new fundraising programs and events, remember you can also help by doing your own fundraiser to benefit Phinney’s. A simple idea can go a long way!

If your birthday or wedding is coming up, you could ask for donations to the nonprofit in lieu of gifts, or you can even create a campaign on Facebook for your birthday and watch the donations pour in.

Attending our events and bringing your friends is also great to spread the word about what we do. I hope you can come to the fabulous historic Strand Theater in Clinton MA for a one-off screening of a movie in March to benefit Phinney’s. (You can read all about it below.) We’d love to see you!

Daniela Caride
Phinney’s Friends President

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