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VUCC is sponsoring our Festival!

November 1, 2018

Veterinary Urgent Care Center (VUCC), an after-hours, walk-in clinic for pets located in Quincy, MA, is making a huge difference in the lives of low-income pet owners and their pets. The vet clinic became a Silver Sponsor for the upcoming Phinney’s Holiday Festival, on November 11, taking us a step closer to our yearly fundraising goal.

“With the support of VUCC, Phinney’s will be able to pay for annual vet visits and tests for 10 to 20 pets of low-income pet owners that we help on a regular basis,” says Daniela Caride, President of Phinney’s Friends.

“These are people who lost their income because they are chronically ill, and therefore became at risk of losing their beloved pets, who are the ones who are always there for them, keeping them company and giving them love,” adds Daniela.

Christie D’Andrea, DVM, who founded VUCC and opened the clinic in February of 2017, says that it’s so important to be connected with the needs of the community and be part of the solution, by helping out in any way possible.

“As a veterinarian, I have witnessed first-hand how heartbreaking it can be for a dedicated pet parent when the person doesn’t have enough money to help their best friend,” says Christie.

“It is a pleasure to be able to help an organization like Phinney’s, which is helping pay for vet visits, distribute pet food, and making every effort to keep pet parents and their animals together.”

Thank you, VUCC, for your support!

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