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Volunteer Spotlight: Alyssa Cohen

October 27, 2018
Dogs won’t be the only creatures salivating at Phinney’s upcoming Paws for the Holidays Festival on Nov. 11th at Pierce House in Lincoln. Alyssa Cohen – a professional confectioner and a Phinney’s volunteer since July – will make sure of that.

As the former owner of North Andover’s Dottie’s Delights—an artisan sweet shop named after Alyssa’s grandmother (check out their amazingly delicious-looking sweets on Instagram!), Alyssa knows a thing or two about creating the perfect holiday treat. Her table at the Festival will be bursting with homemade caramel applies, cupcakes, cookies, and chocolate-covered pretzels and Oreos…and we can’t wait for you to try them! Alyssa’s contributions to the Festival don’t end with her delightful confections, however.She also created an eye-catching, incredibly fun prize wheel to secure donations that will be a new feature at the event (see the picture above).  Test your luck by spinning the wheel, winning prizes, and—best of all—supporting the wonderful work of Phinney’s! You’ll also see brand new “Sponsor a Pet” boards at the Festival courtesy of Alyssa, and we were thrilled to have her come out and spread the word for Phinney’s at Woofstock last month.

When she’s not volunteering for Phinney’s, her primary professional pursuit is becoming a mobile notary public. She’s also an avid succulent collector and gardener and a loving mom to two cats, Monkey and Kitsune (Japanese for “spirit fox” since she looks like a fluffy fox!).

Phinney’s was lucky enough to find Alyssa through our regular volunteer job postings on Craig’s List. “I saw the posting and did some research on Phinney’s and couldn’t think of a more perfect synthesis for helping people and helping animals,” says Alyssa. “Phinney’s makes sure there’s more love in the world.”

We are so grateful to Alyssa for all her hard work—and for helping us spread that love!

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