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Oh, Ethel!

September 24, 2018

unnamedEthel joined Weldon’s cat family of Lucy and Ricky 10 years ago, at just 2 months old. It was clear this Calico was the new star of this sitcom. While Ricky warmed up to Ethel’s antics, Lucy couldn’t be bothered. Ethel and Ricky’s friendship can best be depicted by the piggyback rides Ricky would grant Ethel. Ricky and Lucy have since passed away, and now Ethel rules the entire house.

Her strong personality and quirks are entirely her own. Ethel was a present during the holidays, so wrapping paper quickly became a household staple, and a vessel for her catnip.

Weldon understands Ethel’s demands clearly. Each morning she requires:

  • 30 minutes of focused cuddles,

  • 3 cookies while his tea is made,

  • 1 fingertip of wet food with her asthma and allergy medicine,

  • and 7 crackers while she watches the birds from the window sill.

The day finishes with another 30 minutes of dedicated snuggle time before Weldon turns out the lights.

Ethel reciprocates with great affection and often listens when told her limits in the yard. However, she will let you know if she’s unhappy, and give you “the eye.”

Since 2011, Phinney’s Friends has been supporting Ethel and Weldon’s strong bond, providing cat food and veterinary care. Perhaps there’s a Fred in their future?

Ethel-01 FB copy.jpgEthel-07 FB copy.jpg
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