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The “Ex-Con” Dog Who Stole the Heart of Our Client

August 31, 2018

After months of looking, Brendan finally got the call. The Lowell Humane Society had just gotten a spirited Boston terrier puppy, described by the staff as a “handful.” In fact, the terrier’s previous owners had just abandoned her because she was too much for them to handle.

She was not, however, too much for Brendan. Immediately enchanted by her, Brendan, who was a dancer, named her Roxie after Roxie Hart, the ex-con character in the musical Chicago. He felt the name befit her because she had been thrown out of her previous home—and because … well, Roxie doesn’t take any nonsense from anybody.

Now 3 ½ years old and a plump 27 pounds, Roxie continues to call the shots.

“I live in a dog house,” Brendan says.  “She rules it, not me.”

Roxie’s big personality has overtaken more than just Brendan’s apartment, however. She’s stolen his heart as well. Brendan suffers from chronic health conditions and reports that whenever he is sad or scared, Roxie is always there for him, cuddling him, nuzzling him, and sleeping in his bed.

And he’s not the only one Roxie’s touched.

“She’s the talk of the building,” Brendan says.  “She loves other people and other dogs, and she stops at other people’s doors all the time. She’s friends with all of my neighbors.”

All of this has led Brendan to the philosophy that he doesn’t own Roxie, but that he is merely “borrowing” her.

Though Roxie is healthy, Brendan needs financial help with getting her food and regular check-ups and vaccinations, and for Phinney’s help with such matters, Brendan is so grateful: “Phinney’s has been so good and wonderful and patient with me,” he says.

Would you like to become the godparent of Roxie, the loveable ex-con dog?  She’s likely to steal your heart too.

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