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A Quarter-Century of Care

August 31, 2018

Though much loved, Susan’s 13-pound, 12-year Siamese Ace–named after his human great-grandfather who was a card shark–can be little difficult to take care of sometimes.  He suffers from diabetes and asthma and needs to get his medications of insulin and prednisone administered to him daily.  All four of his paws are double-pawed, which also means he needs a special (very expensive!) pellet-like litter.

Fortunately for Susan, Phinney’s has her (and Ace’s!) back—and they have for more than 25 years.

“25 years?!“ you say? That’s right. Susan is Phinney’s longest-running client.


A quarter of a century ago, Susan heard of an animal welfare organization with a funny name from her vet. Susan had been having trouble affording the care for her pets, and she reached out to Phinney’s in hopes that they would be able to assist her. What began as a simple financial assist blossomed into a partnership where Phinney’s had the great pleasure of helping Susan care for several beloved pets. Over the years, we have provided her not just with financial assistance, but also pet care (including litter box cleaning and nail trims), and client care, where we give advice and provide emotional support.

“I could not have had my pets if it weren’t were for Phinney’s … it’s just been wonderful because I’m on a fixed income and having Phinney’s has really changed my life. I am really, really grateful.”

Now, Susan relies on Phinney’s to help with the regal-looking, but high-maintenance, Ace. “He’s very hardy and healthy, and as long as he’s on his medications, he’s just fine,” says Susan.  “But the fact that he’s high-needs has made Phinney’s a life-saver for me.”

Phinney’s is thrilled to have been able to impact Susan and Ace’s lives in such a positive way. And Phinney’s can continue to do so—with your help. Ace is in need of a Pet Godparent and would love your support. If you’d like to adopt Ace as your godcat, let us know!

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