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Smirnoff the Cat Chills in New Home

May 1, 2018

SmirnoffDana, one of the clients Phinney’s inherited from the MSPCA, when we were a program instead of an independent nonprofit, needed to surrender her cat, Smirnoff, because of the increasing pressures in her life and her state of health. Even though we like to keep pets and people together, we protect and advocate for our pets as much as we do for our humans. So, Smirnoff needed a new home, and we wanted to make sure he’d continue to be safe and happy.

Our volunteer Jill, who has been caring for people and pets for Phinney’s for years, stepped in once more and took Smirnoff for a vet check after lining up a new loving home with a former client of ours who lost her cat a while ago. It turned out the poor kitty was constipated, so Phinneys’ paid not only for his vet check and vaccines but also an x-ray and enema. Smirnoff will need more intense care for a few days, while he is recovering from his procedure. So Jill took him to her mother’s home, who can give Smirnoff his medications and make sure he has a smooth transition to his new home in a week.

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