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BraunWeiss Making a Difference

May 1, 2018

When Shabbeer Syed and his business partner, Eylem Alper, founded BraunWeiss in 2015, they never could have known that three years later they’d be looking through dozens of pet photos. The technology consulting company based in Wellesley, MA, is redesigning Phinney’s Friends website, and they never could have guessed how touched they’d be in doing so. 

After reading one hand-written letter after another, all thanking Phinney’s for saving people’s beloved pets, Shabbeer couldn’t help but tell us: “We never knew that there is such a scope of philanthropic work to be done around animal care. We are grateful to have this opportunity to work with Phinney’s Friends and for the work you do.”

It is Phinney’s Friends, though, who is grateful to Shabbeer and the BraunWeiss team. Phinney’s Friends partnered with BraunWeiss about a year ago as a client of BraunWeiss Cares©, the organization’s charitable arm that provides technology solutions to nonprofits. Through this partnership, BraunWeiss has helped Phinney’s restructure its bookkeeping system on Quickbooks, redesign our website, digitalize our documents, and advise us on technologies to make our processes more efficient — all pro bono.

BraunWeiss’ philanthropic activities started about a year into the company’s founding, when they were looking to provide internship opportunities to students obtaining their master’s degrees in business. They partnered with schools like Babson College, becoming an option for students’ Curriculum Practical Training requirement. Admittance to its internship program is highly selective, and Shabbeer takes the interns’ training seriously. “Students get credit for the program, and we see it as very important that they get real-time exposure and experience.”

Originally, students helped with BraunWeiss’ main clients — primarily Fortune 500 businesses within the Boston and New England market. Then Shabeer realized BraunWeiss could do “double duty” in terms of helping the community by assigning the students to work with charitable organizations. By doing that, BraunWeiss is able to offer an unheard-of six-month, zero-dollar contract agreement with nonprofits.  Within that period, BraunWeiss can deliver as many projects as the nonprofit needs, from digital marketing to website design to financial products.

Phinney’s Friends is very fortunate to be the benefactor of BraunWeiss. “Their help is invaluable, and their dedication inspiring,” says Daniela Caride, Phinney’s Friends president and founder. “Small nonprofits struggle to make things more professional, and every dollar counts. Their work will help us survive the pressures of relying only on donations to help hundreds of people and pets in need every year.” 

Shabeer - Braunweiss

Shabbeer Syed

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