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February is National Pet Dental Month

February 12, 2018
While February is recognized at National Pet Dental Month, your pet’s dental health can easily and affordably be part of your pet’s daily routine.

(Photo by Andrew Nielsen @ Flickr)

Stinky dog breath (a.k.a. halitosis) can not just be annoying but can be a sign of a more serious health issue! Dental bacteria, plaque and tartar are not only detriments to your pet’s teeth and gums, but internal organs (especially the heart) can also be at risk as well when the bacteria travels to the bloodstream. 

But there is HELP! Although daily brushing is always recommended, Loving Pets now offers pet-parents a new, convenient, and affordable solution: the Ora-Bone™ USA Dental Chew — NEW from Loving Pets.  Ora-Bone is smartly designed to DO DENTAL….BETTER!  Three breath freshening ingredients fight bad breath in your dog’s mouth and gut, while Ora-Bone™’s unique design has up to 2x the cleaning surface area of similar products. In addition, Ora-Bone has….


  • A dental feature on every surface
  • A center bulb that cleans behind the teeth, roof of mouth, and tongue
  • Stepped, tapered ribs, that wrap around both sides of the entire bone to form teeth fitting channels that clean more effectively
  • The nibs around the heart shaped opening massage the gums and scrape the tongue for fresher breath.
  • 100% Made in the USA

For a image, click here : High Res Image

“It is estimated that 80% of dogs will have some type of periodontal issue by the time they are the age of 3, so our team felt a deep responsibility to provide dogs (and their humans) a natural and affordable solution that promote dental and oral health,” states Eric Abbey, President and Founder of Loving Pets.


Make sure to take care of your pup’s teeth – they are relying on YOU to help!
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