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A new nonprofit to help with pet food

March 21, 2013

PetFoodStampsIn response to the increasing numbers of financially struggling families surrendering their beloved animals to shelters, New York State resident Marc Okon founded PetFoodStamps, a nonprofit that shares a humane mission similar to Phinney’s Friends. We both want to help struggling pet-loving families, and one of Phinney’s Friends programs does help people with pet food. But PetFoodStamps will do things differently.

The organization wants to cover the whole country and will specifically aim at filling the gap in the United States Food Stamp program, which excludes the purchase of pet food and pet supplies. Approved PetFoodStamps applicants receive up to six months of discounted pet food delivered to their homes through, an independent online pet food retailer that carries over 200 brands of pet food and supplies. To learn more about the program, check out PetFoodStamps website!

Phinney’s Friends  distributes donated food to low-income people thanks to the generosity of individual donors and PETCO Foundation, which allows us to collect donations from bins located at several PETCO stores in the Boston area. If you are interested in knowing how you can help with our food program, you can do it in two ways:

By becoming a volunteer, you will be able to receive food requests, and organize, sort and distribute food to low-income families in many areas of the state.

By bringing pet food and supplies to any of the locations where PETCO Foundation keeps a Phinney’s Friends bin, you will provide more resources so we can help more pets. Here are the drop-off locations:

PETCO Brighton – 304 Western Ave  Brighton, MA

PETCO Cambridge – 119 1st St  Cambridge, MA

PETCO Natick – 1324-1334 Worcester Road  Natick, MA

PETCO Needham – 163 Highland Ave, Needham, MA

PETCO Hudson – 205 Washington St  Hudson, MA

PETCO Saugus – 682 Broadway  Saugus, MA

Unleashed by PETCO in Wellesley – 165 Linden St  Wellesley, MA

Please bring us clean items because we don’t have a way to wash items. We don’t have an office. Thanks!

Written by Barry L. Adams and Daniela Caride

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